Preserving a Log Home
We believe that preserving the wood should be done right the first time to keep your home as beautiful and safe as possible.
Preserving Your Log Home

The structural integrity and safety of your log home and family is of the highest priority to us! We believe that preserving the wood should be something that is done right the first time in order to keep your home as beautiful and safe as possible.

Midwest Elite Log Home Services uses a borate treatment to preserve the logs, as this must be done in the process of stripping old stain down to bare wood. The borates that we utilize are colorless, some even odorless, as harmless as regular table salt and will never adversely affect the stain application. Borates are not only safe and easy to use, but are also effective against both wood–boring insects and decay fungi, along with molds and mildews.

Depending on the situation and preference of the homeowner, we use either pure borates or glycol-borate to preserve your logs. Pure borate is mixed with water and sprayed onto the logs. This chemical is toxic to insects and fungus, but harmless to humans or animals. Glycol-borate is a more expensive and time intensive process, but typically works for life if the logs are maintained. This borate soaks into the wood and kills the fungi and most insects that come in contact with it.

While we understand that borates are not 100% guaranteed, it’s been our experience that the use of them is one of the MOST effective ways to prevent insect and rot issues. We utilize this method of preservation because we truly believe it’s simply one more way that we can help preserve your log home for life.

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