Log Home Rot Repair
Log replacement is one of our most impressive and labor intensive services.
Log Rot Repair on a Log Home

When finding log rot on your home it can be heart dropping. When Repairing log rot there are a few things to consider. First, how did it get here? Was the log rot just spotted? How far in depth does the log rot go? is it just surface rot or did the rot start from the heart/center of the log and work its way out? All these are different variables to consider when repairing log rot. Unfortunately sometimes log rot doesn’t show until it’s too late and has spread from the heart of the wood to the surface. It’s best to call a professional that has the knowledge to determine what type of rot you have. Whether, you have dry rot also known as brown rot, white rot or soft rot. If you live in Missouri or the Midwestern region of the United States we can help.

If the log rot is repairable the basic remediation to fix the problem is:

  1. Fix the reason why the logs started to decay in the first place.
  2. Bore holes to the depth of the rot, treat with a borate product, fill hole with a 2 part liquid epoxy wood hardener and let cure.
  3. Fill the bored hole void with a 2 part wood putty, sand and stain.

Another option is a half log repair or face replacement.

  1. Fix the primary reason of wood decay
  2. Make incisions to the depth of rot
  3. Remove all surface log rot and install a new piece of log on the face of existing log.
  4. Stain and seal.
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