Chemical Stripping
Stripping existing stain, paint or dead grey wood off of log homes to reveal the natural beauty of the wood.
Log Home Chemical Stripping

Chemical stripping is a method that requires very close attention and is best left to a professional applicator. There are two types of chemicals available: caustic and solvent. Chemical stripping is a method that consists of spraying or brushing on a chemical to the log surface, waiting for a period of time, and then completing with a pressure wash of the chemical on top of the prior finish. The chemical is introduced to neutralize the stripper, and cause a “fuzzing” on the log surface that requires buffing to smooth out the wood. The benefits of power washing are many, but mainly they prep the wood with a smooth clean surface that is optimal for applying preservatives, stains, and sealants. Also, by allowing moisture to seep into the logs, hard-to-find weather leaks are exposed. The drawbacks to power washing include the need for extensive preparation, indoors and out. It is a time intensive process that requires two to three days (depending on the temperature) to allow the logs to dry completely before moving on to the next step.

Using the chemical stripping method for a log homes will provide you with a beautiful, clean log surface when you use the proper procedures and products for your specific type of wood and current finish.

Chemical stripping a log home means using finish removers along with a pressure washer to make sure you get all of the previous finish off, allowing you to work with a clean surface. The stripper only softens the existing finish; it’s up to the pressure washer to actually remove the finish from the surface of the walls.

Unfortunately, the easiest and cheapest way to get a log home looking good is to latex paint the home. However, this is the worst thing you can do to a log home. If you want rapid log decay, trapped moisture, and an abundance of negative affects this is how to achieve it. Log Home Chemical Stripping is a method we generally use when the home is painted and media is not aggressive enough to remove paint. Or If the homeowner is particular in achieving a smooth, slick buffed surface.

There are different types of chemical in which you will get different results. The main factor is that all chemical stripped logs have to be buffed with a osborn brush due to the high-water pressure that causes the wood fibers to rise causing a (Furring) to the log surface. This method used is more popular on decks and fences. Moreover, we do offer this service on log homes quite a bit due to homeowner preference. There are pros and cons of using this service. The pros: you get a clean, prepped, slick, smooth surface. The cons: Depending on how harsh the chemical is it could harm plants and vegetation. This is a labor intensive process which increases the cost of service.

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