Preparing your logs by media blasting is a common method to remove existing stain, paint or aged dead wood on a log home. This is a dry method that consist of using different types of material including: Walnut shell, corn cob, crushed glass, and dry ice. Depending on your own unique circumstances some are more and less aggressive. We will assess the situation and give you the most cost effective, reasonable solution.
Media Blasting

Preserving your log home is key to keeping the weather from affecting the integrity of your home. The term “media” is a general term used for the various types of materials available to abrasively remove or strip existing finishes or weathering from the logs. This process prepares the logs for staining and finishing. Media blasting is labor intensive, generally very messy, and experience is a must in order to keep the wood intact. This method leaves a minimal texture to the wood, but nothing substantial. We typically like to follow up blasting with buffing and sanding to return the wood back to a smoother state. Because we care about your property and the environment, all the materials that Midwest Elite LHS uses are biodegradable.

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